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Electronic Language Portfolio
Accredited model No. 89.2007
This model conforms to common Principles and Guidelines Steering Committee for Education - ELP European Validation Committee

This section gives answers to frequently asked questions. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


I would like to upload a file into the dossier. How can I do this?


Click on dossier, then on language, add a file.
Type a title and, if you want to, a description. Make sure to remember the title, because you will need to click this file if you want to submit it to your teacher. Click on browse to find your file in your computer. Then click on open, send.
The file is now uploaded into your dossier.


How can I allow my teacher to look at my file?


Step 1
Click on My teacher. Then, select the language and enter your teacher's e-mail address. Avoid typing errors! Then click on change.
You have now given your teacher access to the language progress section of your language portfolio.


Step 2
First click on language progress, then on language.
Then select a skill and click on plan. Then click on  evaluation, add new item from dossier. Click on the file you want to submit.
The file is now not only in the dossier but also in your language progress. This is necessary, because your teacher can only view your language progress section.


I have registered correctly, but I cannot log on. What could the reason be for this?


The (spelling of the) user's name (the e-mail address) or the password could be wrong. Please try again. If it really does not work, you will have to register again. Pay attention to the correct spelling and write your user's name and password down (for instance in your diary), so that you can find them again later.


I have filled something in, but it had not been processed. Why?


You always have to confirm what you fill in. Click on save, send, or change.


Are the personal pages secure?


If the user's name and the password have not been given to anyone else, nobody will be able to view your personal information. It is possible for the user to authorize other people (for example the teacher) to view specific pages.

Accreditation of the Council of Europe
Thieme Meulenhoff

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